How to prepare the good old atwomo, that finger food our mothers brought to us from town.


3 cups of strong bread flour
2 cups sugar
1 cup milk
1/2 cup coconut milk/ 1 TableSpoon vanilla essence
Frying Oil for deep frying.

1 Measure and pour the flour into the mixing bowl
2 Add sugar
3 Add the coconut milk
4 rub the ingredients in and mix well
5 Add the milk and mix into a hard dough
6 Roll the dough flat.
7 cut the dough into good long strips
8 make incisions in the middle of each slice and urn them one side into through the hole to get the atsomo shape
9 Heat the oil and put the atsomo in one after the other.
10 Keep frying till all done and golden brown.
11 Allow to cool on the strainer.
12 Serve with drinks as snack etc.



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