Showing how to prepare a quick dinner- fante fante and εtew. εtew like banku can also be eaten with shito, mεko and nkyenam, okro stew/soup etc.

Fresh fish of choice
Palm oil
Ginger/ garlic/ onion blend
Corn dough

1.Wash and clean the fish into the saucepan
2. Prepare the vegetables and put them in the blender to blend
3 Pour the blended vegetables onto the fish
4 Add the palm oil to the fish
5 Add seasons of choice
6 Add the garlic/ginger and onion blend
7 Allow to cook through for about 10 mins
8 Measure the corn dough for the number of servings
9 Add water and mix till all lumps are dissolved
10 Add salt to taste
11 Place on fire and keep stiring till all the water evaporates and then stire as you would banku.
12 Do this till the freshness of the corn is gone as in cooked.( can add some more water if the dough is hard and allow to simmer for about 5 min, turning a couple of times.
12 Use a small ball as a mould and scoop out the cooked corn into nice sizable balls.
13 Check if the stew is ready, add salt if needed.
14 Serve in a bowl with the fante fante and the εtew side by side.



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