Showing how tatale and aboboi are made with ofam on the side. Ofam is prepared just like tatale except the final stage – baked instead of frying. Its a very lovely dish.
Ofam can be a side dish with rice and stew with some shito adding up the spice as we like it.
Mortar Pestle mentioned in the video can be found in Asian, African shops or simply on line.

6 Fingers of over ripped plantain
Palm oil for shallow frying
7 Table spoon flour
2 Cups of cow peas

1 Wash the chick peas and put on the hub to cook
1a Wash the plantains clean
2 Peel and put them in your mixing bowl
3 Put the spices in the grinding pot/ earthen wear/ asanka / mortar and pestle and grind them till a smooth texture is obtained.
4 Put a bit of the ripped plantain into the grinding pot at a time and grind them together with the spices till all done and smoothly mashed.
5 Add 7 spoonful of self raising flour and mix together
6 Add salt to taste
7 Pre- heat oven for the ofam to 150C / 300F /Gas Mark 2
8 Divide the plantain mixture into two portions as one will be used for the ofam
9 Grease the baking tin with palm oil and sprinkle a little flour in the tin, to enable the ofam to come out easily when baked.
10 Pour the plantain mixture into the pan and put in the oven for about 40 minutes.
10a Put your frying pan on the hub and pour some palm oil for teh shallow frying.
11 Use your ladle to scoop and good amount of the plantain mixture into the pan and fry on a low heat(as you would pan cake)
12 Turn the pan cake after a couple of minutes till done
13 Continue till all the mixture is used up
14 Add salt to the cooked cow pea/ chick pea and pour a serving bowl.
15 Serve with the tatale/ plantain pancake.
16 Remove the ofam from the oven (To check whether the ofam is ready, use toothpick and insect in the cake when it comes out clean then the cake is ready.
17 Slice and serve the ofam with roasted peantuts.



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