Teaching how Kube (coconut) or Anlo toffee is made. See how to extract the oil as well from the milk.


1 & 1/2 dry coconut
7 table spoons of sugar
Pinch of salt

1 Remove the coconut fruit from the hard casing and wash
2 Grate the coconut on the smaller side of the grater
3 Use warm water and gently massage the coconut and then separate the liquid from the chaff with the strainer. (Warm water helps to melt the fat from the chaff).
4 Put the liguid- Milk on fire on a low heat.
5 Scoop the white milk from the water. If it is boiled the milk will be mixed with the water hence difficult separate the milk
6 Now put the separated milk back on fire
7 Add salt and sugar
8 keep stiring the milk till the oil and the toffee start to separate.
9 Use the ladle to scoop out the oil
10 keep on stiring the toffee till golden brown.
11 Turn the toffee onto the chopping board.
12 Allow to cool a little and then cut and mould them into shape.
13 Wrap in food plastic bags to keep them from melting.



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