Bankye or agbli krako, made from grated cassava, is one of the savory dishes from Ghana.Very crunchy and normally eaten with dried coconut. A simple recipe to try out.

3 Medium size cassava
Salt to season
1 Medium onion
Vegetable cooking oil

1 Wash the cassava and peel off the skin
2 Cut them into big chunks
3 Grate the cassava at the smallest side of the grater
4 Pour the grated cassava onto a clean muslin/napkin cloth
5 Squeeze out the excess starch from the muslin cloth
6 Allow to air dry a bit on a plane/large tray(optional)
7 Finely chop half of the onion
8 Grate the other half of the onion
9 Add the onion(chopped & grated) to the grated cassava.
10 Add salt to taste.
11 Preheat the oil for deep frying.
12 Mould the cassava mixture into small round balls, pressing them firmly to keep them bound together.
13 Fry them on a moderate heat, turning them intermittently to evenly cook them.
(ready after 5 to 8 min. ( remove from the oil when it is golden brown.)
14 Strain off excess oil.
Continue frying till all done.
Serve with dry coconut.

Background Music: DSP Kofi Sarpong- African Borborbo.



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