Preparing fish cake in a quick and easy way.

Ingredients for this recipe:
• 4 large potatoes
• 1 large onion
• 1 large egg
• Fish ( can be fresh fish, cleaned , seasoned, steamed and flaked)
• Self-raising flour for dusting
• Butter ½ tablespoon butter
• Salt
• All-purpose season / season of choice/ white or black pepper
• Cooking oil for frying
1. Peel the potatoes
2. Cut them into small pieces and wash them.
3. Boil in salted water.
4. When well cooked, strain off water and mush them, add a bit of butter, and allow to cool.
5. In this recipe, we used already prepared fish in a package, which was cooked in micro wave oven. If fresh is used, it must be dressed, deboned, and seasoned with desired seasons, and then flaked up when well cooked.
6. Flake the fish, and add to the potatoes
7. Finely chop half the onion and add to the potatoes.
8. Crack the egg into a separate bowl, add to the potatoes and mix well.
9. Add a sprinkle of flour to firm the potato dough up a bit for moulding.
10. Sprinkle four on the chopping board, scoop the potatoes and mould them into sizeable shapes.
11. Put oil into the pan for shallow frying.
12. Put the moulded fish cake and fry till golden brown.
13. Serve with gravy or stew of choice.



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