Gari Fotɔ is one of the quick fix comfort foods that we love.
Gari, aka student companion has always served as a ready meal for students both at home and in the bording houses.Fortor as the name suggests is wet -‘for’ n the tor as in etor -kinda powdery.

The gari can be mixed with left over soups &stews , goes well with shito and some fish etc. etc. This is just a rich and balanced way of making it especially when serving your visitors with it or just for comfort.

In this recipe:
Half medium onion chopped
3 large tomatoes chopped
Half hot pepper
1 cup mixed veggies
Corned beef
Two boiled eggs

1 Pour 2 table spoons of vegetable oil into the cooking saucepan
2 Fry the chopped onions
3 Add the chopped tomatoes to the onions for about 5 -8 minutes
4 Add the vegetables to the tomatoes.
5 Add the corned beef to the stew and stir/mix
6 check for salt
7 Sprinkle a little water to the gari to moist it up
8 Add the slightly cooled gravy/stew to the gari and mix well



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