– Lean beef or goat meat
– Onion chopped into a nice size to be removed individually
– kebab spices
– Seasoning- magi tablet/ onga etc/ all purpose seasoning
– Salt
– Cooking oil

1 Cut your meat into medium even sizes
2 put into the baking tray to be used in the grill
3 Season by applying oil on the meat and then add the seasons of choice.
4 Put then in the tray on a single layer
5 Put it under the grill for about 20-25 min, on 180*C/ 350*F or gas mark 4 or on low to medium heating on your appliance.
6 Remove it from the grill and turn them around when it is half way done, sprinkle the kebab season on the meat.
7 Add the chopped onions onto the meat and put them back into the grill when the kyikyinka is about 5-10 minutes, to be ready.
8 Remove from eh grill and put the grilled meat on the skewer, alternating with the onions.
9 Sprinkle a little more kebab season on the skewed meat and serve.
Ps You can soak the skewer in water for some hours so they dobnt burn when used directly in the grill



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