How To Prepare Tuozaafi Sauces
Background Music: Meridian by Wulomei


Ground corn flour
Cassava flour
Meat (in this video goat meat and stripes)
Green leaves
Powdered dried okro
Palm oil
Chili pepper

1 Wash clean the meat and steam for about 20- 30 min till ready
2 Pour some palm oil in the saucepan and put on the hub
3 Slice onions and fry in the oil
4 Blend the tomatoes, chili, garlic, ginger
5 Add the blended tomato mixture and cook for about 120 -15 till the oil start to float on top of the stew.
6 Add the steamed meat and allow to cook for about 10 min, Also add the seasons.
7 Pick the green leaves frown the stems and wash very well
8 finely chop them as small as possible
9Transfer the green leafs in a pan a little bit of salt, add little water under a gentle heat. Keep stiring while it cooks as though whisking. Can add a little bit of finely chop[ed onion to add flavour
10 Pour into a serving bowl
11 Pour the okro powder in a pan as done with green the leaves, boil it for about 2- 5 min, beating well.
12 Pour it in a different bowl as well.
13 Check the stew is ready and add water to make it soupy if too thick.
14 Ready to be served with the TZ



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