Wishing you all a very prosperous new year. God bls you all.

-2 Table Spoon Self raising flour/ all purpose flour
-1/4 pint Fresh milk
-Table spoon sugar
-A sprinkle of nut meg
-Pinch of salt
-1 Fresh Egg

1 Pour the flour into the mixing bolw
2 Add the sugar
3 Sprinkle the nut meg
4 Add the salt
5 crack your egg into a diff bowl just to be sure its fresh
6 Add the egg
7 Add half of the milk and stir/ whisk till its smooth and a bit runny.
[Keep adding the milk gradually till the right consistency(runny)]
8 Put the frying pan on fire, add about a teaspoon of oil
9 Allow to heat up and spread through out the pan
10 scoop up a ladle full of the mixture into the frying pan on a gentle heat.
11 Turn the pancake when it starts to bubble a little bit or for a minute, and the other side too for a minute.
12 Spread jam, golden syrup, chocolate spread, ice cream etc,and roll the pancake .
can be eaten as afters or part of breakfast.



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