Preparing Oblayo, apparently this rather ekoagbemi. The formula is basically the same. the only difference is the size if the crushed corn used.
The oblayo rather has large dried corn while the ekuabemi has the small size corn.
Check out the other video for oblayo named ekoagbemi


4 Table spoon roughly ground corn
Sugar to Taste
Evaporated milk
Roasted peanuts
This will serve two people

1 Pour water unto the corn in the saucepan
2 Stir well and allow to settle
3 Pour out the chaff that floats on the surface of the water
4 Add some more water in needed
5 Put it on the hub and stir about every other minutes for about 20 minutes
6 Allow to simmer to thicken as preferred
7 Pour into a desert bowl, Add sugar as desired and evaporated milk, with roasted peanut as well.



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