How To Make Ga Kenkey (Nkran dokono) Komi Ke kena

Background music: Meridian by Wulomei


Corn dough Already fermented
Corn husk
Fresh fish

Divide the corn dough into two
Mix one half with water & salt and cook it as banku,( should be hard as it will be moulded into shape.
make a corn dough mixture with water with the other half of the dough
Mix the banku with the dough mixture and allow to cool , so it can be moulded into shape.
Take desired portions and mould into shape.
Use the corn husk( this will have to be soaked in water to soften it) to cover the dough mixture.
make a hole at the bottom of the kenkey ball and insect the remaining part of the husk and hide them neatly.
Use some of the husk as base layer in the saucepan and bring your water to boil( water should just be a little as in steaming).
Cook for about 25-30 minutes.

Dress and wash the fresh fish and cut into the desired sizes.
Season with season of choice and salt to taste if needed.
Deep fry in your cooking oil. Turning after 5- 8 min and do same at the other sides.
remove from oil and allow to cool

Serve the kenkey and fried fish with gravy, shito or fresh pepper sauce.



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