This video shows how we prepare Nkate and Abe nkwan shortened as Nkatebe.

Ingredients In This Recipe:

1 Tin peanut butter
1 Tin palm nut extract
Roasted Pork
2 Large onions
1 Tin tomato plums
1 Fresh mackerel (dressed and seasoned)
2 chilli pepper
1 pouch Okro
5 large garden eggs
Onga tablets/ season of choice

1 Steam the roasted pork with the garlic,ginger and onion mixture.
2 Add one of the onga tablets
3 Add salt to taste , add the onions cut in halves, and the pepper
4 Allow to steam for about 5-8 min
5 Scoop the peanut butter into a saucepan and mix well with hot water.
6 Add half of the tomato plums and mix well
6a Put the peanut mixture on fire and allow to cook till the oil starts to collect on the surface, stiring every couple of minutes or continuously.
7 Get a different saucepan and scoop out the palm nut base, add water and dissolve it to be strained onto the steamed meat.
8 Take out the steamed onion and pepper, and add to the rest of the tomato plums.
9 Blend the tomatoes, pepper and the onion
10 Strain the tomato mixture onto the soup
11 Strain the pea nut solution into the pan with the steamed meat, adding water if need be to make use of the base.
12 Stire well
13 Strain the palm nut onto the soup and stir, checking the thickness level. Add more water(warm) if too thick.
14 After 10-15 min, add the seasoned fresh mackerel, the garden eggs cut in halves, and the okro, also add more whole chili if preferred.
15 Allow to simmer for 15 more minutes.
Nkate be is ready to be eaten with fufu, banku, rice, omo tuo etc.



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