-3 cups strong bread flour (thus 525g)
-1cup sugar ( 175g)
-3(7g) sachets of dried yeast.
-1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
-1 Table spoon of butter
-1 teaspoon salt
-Veg oil for deep frying

-Pour all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together.
-Add the butter and rub it in till well mixed
-Add about a cup of warm water (note not hot as that will disable the yeast)
-Mix well, beating while mixing, the mixture should be runny not hard.
-Cover the mixture for about half an hour for it to double in size.
-Heat vegetable oil on fire till hot.
-Stir the mixture and start scooping in a ball shape with fingers.
-Keep turning your puff for even frying time for all sides.
–Cooked when it turns golden brown.
-Repeat procedure till all fried and nicely done.

Can be enjoyed with Hausa, or corn porridge, or with some roasted groundnut with a cool drink.



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