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2 Cups Roasted peanuts
1 Cup Sugar


1 Measure the peanut and roast on the hub for about 15-20 min, stirring intermittently.
(The roasted peanut is ready when golden brown when the husk/skin is off to reveal the nut.)
2 Remove all the skin off the peanuts.
3 Crush the roasted peanuts nicely with your rolling pin
4 Heat the hub and pour the sugar in the source pan, allow to melt to a golden brown colour
5 Add the crushed peanuts to the melted sugar
6 Stir them till they are all bound together
7 Remove from hub and pour the mixture onto your working chop board. [Be careful its very hot]
8 Use the rolling pin to roll and flatten the mixture to a desired thickness
9 Use your knife to mark and demarcate into small/cute shapes.
10 Allow to cool and separate them into single bars.
Store in an air tight container.



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