Preparing okro soup, you’re shown how to maintain the smooth okro consistency. Enjoy!

Ingredients In this recipe:

Meat -Goat tripes
-Turkey wings (roasted)
1 Tin tomatoes plumbs
Salt to taste
Season of choice

1 Wash clean the meat for the soup
2 Put into the saucepan and add the blended garlic, ginger& onion
3 Add the season/ magie and add salt to taste
4 Add whole pepper and halved onions to the meat and steam
5 Take out the pepper and onion from the steaming meat and blend with the tomatoes
6 Add the blended tomatoes tot he steamed meat, cover to continue the cooking
7 While the meat is cooking, wash and cut off the heads and ends of the okro and roughly chop them.
8 Put them in the blender, and one whole onion and roughly blend them.
9 Cook the okro separately in a different saucepan, keep beating (as though whisking) every once in awhile for about 2-3 min
10 Add the mushrooms for a couple of minutes
11 Add the okro to the soup and mix.
12 Allow to simmer for about 5 more min with the lid off, check salt .
13 Serve with banku, gari- eba, kenkey etc.




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