A simple snack made with coconut.

1 Dried coconut ( desiccated)
1 cup Sugar

1 Remove the dried out coconut fruit from the casing.
2 Wash and grate the coconut at the large side of the grater.
3 Allow to dry for a day or two depending on where you are
4 Pour the cup of sugar into the saucepan to melt
5 Keep stirring till all melted and golden brown in colour.
6 Add the grated desiccated coconut into the melted sugar gradually and stir to mix them up evenly.
7 when well mixed up and sugar evenly distributed, pour it onto your chopping board.
8 Allow to cool a little and the mould them into small balls or different shapes.
9 Keep in an airtight container when cool and serve as a snack or afters.



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