Red red, riped plantain and beans, with gari. Normally eaten as lunch. Fills the tummy very quickly and stays long as well. The beans can be made into stew as well and eaten with the Gari and the fried plantain.

Here ”Darvi lolovi” our tutor shows how it is normally served in the local restaurants alias Chop Bars.

Background music: Tena menkyen by Papa Yankson.


Black eye beans
Riped plantain
Palm oil

1 Wash the black eye beans and cook for 45 -60 min, till very soft
2 While the beans is cooking, wash and peel the plantain
3 slice them into equal sizes as possible
4 Deep fry the plantain
5 Take the cooked beans from the fire when ready and the sauce on the beans is quit thick
6 fry a little onion in the palm oil to add flavour to the oil
7 Serve the beans and plantain, with some some gari



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