This recipe is dry and crunchy unlike puff puff. The ‘normal’ puff puff is soggy and soft. That’s the main difference between the two.

6 heaped tablespoon full or 1.5 cups of bread flour (all purpose flour is fine too)
3 Tablespoons full of sugar
A pinch of salt
A pinch of cinnamon/ nut meg 1 (7g) pouch of dry yeast
A Tablespoon of butter
Half teaspoon vanilla essence
About a cup of look warm water
Veggie/cooking oil for deep frying

Pour bread flour into mixing bowl
Add sugar, salt,cinnamon,yeast Mix together
Add butter Add vanilla essence and water in little bits
Mix together, adding the water till you get a hard breadlike dough
Knead dough till smooth and soft.
Cut dough into sizeable pieces. Mould into small individual balls.
Dust tray and place the balls on them
Cover with damp cloth and leave in a dry place or sun till dough double in size.
Heat cooking oil till hot( not too hot as this will make the outside burn whiles uncooked inside).
Keep turning the Balls till evenly golden brown.
Put in strainer and allow to cool Serve with roasted pea nut, porridge, ice cold drinks etc. Enjoy.

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We think this is a healthier bofrot option as it does not soak up too much oil.



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