Here Darvi , shows how to prepare hausa koko from scratch. In the absence of the mill, she uses the blender to blend the millet into paste in order to get the base for the porridge.
This method is basically (unconventional) a new form for the people in the diaspora who can’t get the already prepared koko, or better still for the individual who wants to prepare their own porridge.


Ground dried pepper


1 Soak the millet in water for 3 days to soften it a bit
2 Wash of the 3 day water, and soak the cloves in water for about 20 min
3 Cut some of the ginger and add to the soaked millet.
4 Put in the millet, ginger and cloves in the blender and blend.
Strain in a fine strainer
5 Blend the chaff again to get more of the food and strain
6 Boil some water in saucepan, have some boiled water by the side
7 Pour the desired amount into the water and keep stiring till the colour changes from somewhat cream to dark brownish.
[note- If its too think you can add some of the saved boiled water to dilute it and if too dilute , add some of the uncooked dough mixture and stire together.]



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