How To Prepare Tuozaafi

Background music: Meridian By Wulomei

Cassava flour
Dried corn mil or corn flour


1 Scoop out the same quantity of each of the flour
Mix well
2 Take a bit of the corn flour and add cold water and mix well, so there are no lumps
3 Put water on fire till its boiling
4 Divide the water into two protions.
5 Pour the corn flour mixture into the water and cook a light porridge.
6 Add the TZ mixture IE the corn flour and cassava flour mixture
7 Mingle very well till all lumps are gone as in preparing banku
8 Continue for about five minutes
9 Add the some of the saved boiled water if the TZ is hard. allow to simmer and mingle till all smooth and uniform.
10 Dip the ladle in cold water and dish out the TZ into the serving bowls.
11 Add the TZ sauces as desired.



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