Preparing Shito in a quick and simple method.

Ingredients For this recipe;

-15 large onions
-1 cup dried Herrings(smoothly crushed)
-1 cup dried herrings roughly crushed
-1 cup dried powdered shrimp
-15 large fresh pepper
-3 table spoons dried pepper powder
-4 table spoons of tomato puree/paste
-garlic, ginger, nutmeg, powdered cloves,food seasonings of choice
-Vegetable cooking oil


1 Peel off the onions, ginger and garlic
2 Wash well and chop into big chunks
3 Put the onion chunks into a big pot of cooking oil
4 Add the ginger, garlic and pepper till nice and tender or for about 15-20 min
5 Take the vegetables from the oil and allow to cool a little bit
6 Put the oil back on the hub and add the tomato puree till it separated.
7 Blend the vegetables in the blender/processor
8 Add to the tomato puree
9 Keep stirring and allow to cook for about10 -15 min, till there are some foams on the top of the sauce.
10 Add the dried ingredients, thus the powdered shrimps and herrings.
11 Add the season
12 Add the dried powdered pepper
13 Allow to simmer on a low heat till the colour is dark brown.
14 Add the other preferred spices, eg nutmeg, cloves etc.
15 check for salt and add if needed
16 Allow to cool very well and put in a dry clean bottle and store for about 2-3 months with the oil on top of the sauce, however, keep refrigerated once it starts being consumed.

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  • Hamdy 4 years ago

    Thanks so much. Love this website. Never seen shito prepared this form. Intact am learning new recipe to prepare for my husband

    • Nanabiba 4 years ago

      We are glad it has being of help to you. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Emmanuel 4 years ago

    Hi Nanabiba, congrats with what you doing
    Please what is the English name for Tom Brown?
    Best Regards !!

    • Nanabiba 4 years ago

      Hi Emma, thanks for the feedback. Hmm re your question – not sure how it is called in other jurisdictions. Will let you know when we find out.

  • Asantewaa Kissi Baah 4 years ago

    Very good teaching I love how you cook well than

  • victoria 5 years ago

    I love this! Thank u so much:)