Ingredients for this recipe:

Fresh chicken
1 Large onion
1 sweet pepper
1 chili pepper
1 tin of tomato plumbs
2 TB-spoon butter beans or garden eggs as thickener
blended mixture ( onion, ginger, garlic)
any season of choice
salt to taste


1 Put the chicken into the cooking pot
2 Add the blended mixture
3 Add margie or season of choice
4 Add salt to taste and mix.
5 put it on the hub for about 5 – 10 minto steam
6 Add whole onion, pepper, sweet pepper.
7 Remove the whole onion , chili and sweet pepper out and blend together with the tomato plumbs and the butter beans.
8 Strain the blended vegetables onto the steamed chicken.
9 Add enough water as need and desired.
10 Stir and taste for salt
11 Allow the soup to cook through for about 15-20 min.
12 serve with fufu, rice balls,on its own, as a starter etc.



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