2 packs Nkontomire/cocoyam leaves/ spinash
1/2 cup Agushi/ Egusi
Meat, fish, of choice, mushrooms also good
2 tins of tomato plumbs
2 large onions
Ginger, garlic to spice
1 large chilli pepper
Palm oil
Stock cubes,or seasons of choice


Note; Steps 11 and 12 can be done interchangeably)

1.Wash the leaves thoughroghly with lookwarm water
2.Cut the leaves into small sizes
3.chop 1onion
4.Blend tomatoes,1 onion, pepper,ginger and garlic together
5.Put pan on hub and pour in the oil
6.Add the chopped onions and cook for about 3 -5 min
7.Add steamed meat/kobi,if part of ingredients allow to cook for about 5 min
8.Add the chopped tomatoes (if u prefer them chopped) and cook for 3 min
9.Add the blended tomatoes , pepper,ginger and garlic
10.Add any stocks / stock cubes/ seasons
(Allow to cook for about 10 min, for the sauce to reduce)
11.Make agushi into a paste and add to the stew, and allow to stay for a couple of minutes before stirring to create the bubbly effect.
(Allow to cook for another 3 mins)
12. Add the spinach/nkontomire leaves under a low heat now, and allow to slow cook. for about 5 min
13. Add smoked fish and taste fr salt.
14.Let it simmer and its ready

Serve with Yam, Plantain,rice, gari ball( eba) , etc.

Background Music;
Meridian by Wulomei
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