How To Prepare Jollof For Your Toddlers

How to prepare jollof for children.


1. 1 cup rice,
2. Steamed boneless chicken
3. 1 medium onion
4. 4 medium Fresh tomatoes
5. Sweet mixed peppers, red yellow, green, ¼ each of medium sizes
6. Salt to taste
( only fresh ingredients used here)


1. Chop up ¼ of the onion and fry in a teaspoon of oil in your pan.
2. Blend all the fresh vegetables.
3. Add the blended vegetable to the fried onion and allow to cook for about 15 minutes.
4. Add the steamed chicken (steamed in onion, garlic, ginger and salt mixture).
5. Wash and add the rice to the stew.
6. Stir and allow to simmer. Add salt if need be, but not so much, as it’s being prepared for children.
7. Keep stirring regularly, and keep it mushy.
8. Ready when the rice is cooked and soft.
9. Allow to cool and serve in a bowl.



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