Showing how to prepare cabbage and gizzard Stew.


1 Cabbage ( ready to use)
Chicken gizzard, dressed and steamed
3 sliced fresh tomatoes
1 tin tomato plums
Spring onions
2 medium onions
Scotch bonnet
1 magie cube
Black pepper
Ground cloves
Garlic granules


1Pour 2 table spoon of veg oil into the pan
2 Fry for a couple of minutes
3 Add the steamed gizzard without the sauce and stir for about a minute
4 Add the sliced tomatoes, and stir occasionally
5 Cut up the second onion into the blender, the tomato plumbs, pepper and blend.
6 Stir the gizzard, add the spring onions and magie or any season of choice.
7 Add the blended vegetables and stir well, reduce the heat and allow to cook for about 3-5 minutes.
8 Add the ground cloves, garlic granules
9 Add the stock of the gizzard if needed. In this cooking stock was not added as the salt content in the stew was good.
10 Wash and cut the cabbage into desired sizes
11 Add the chopped cabbage to the sauce and stir
12 Allow to simmer, don’t cover the stew as it will be runny if covered.

The stew is ready when the cabbage is well cooked and soft
Serve with plain boiled rice, yam, etc



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