Ingredients and Method for preparing plantain pudding

2 fingers of over ripe plantain
4 little cloves
1 small scotch bonnet pepper
2 table spoons corn flour or all-purpose flour
Salt to taste
Plantain leaves or kitchen foil for wrapping


1Wash and clean all the spices
1. Allow the cloves to sit in water for about 10 minutes to soften them up
2. Put all the spices in to the asanka /earthen wear together with salt and grind them together till smooth.
3. Add the over ripe plantains and mash them as well.
4. Mix well and grind all lamps off.
5. Taste for salt.
6. Take the washed and prepared leaves and scoop a good amount of the grounded mixture onto it.
7. Wrap the leave around the mixture, keeping the mixture intact.
8. Continue till all the mixture is used up
9. Get sticks or stones (cleaned) into the pan, and fill with hot water to be used as a steamer.( A steamer can be used here)
10. Allow to steam for 30 -45 min.
11. Tap the pudding to check if its firm enough. Put of the fire and allow to cool.
12. Serve cold on its own or with roasted peanuts.



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