How to Prepare Buttered Salmon Stakes

Ingredients in this recipe:

• Fresh boneless salmon fillet
• 1 fresh egg
• ½ Cup Fresh milk
• Oxo Stock cube Chicken flavour
• Pinch of Chinese five spice
• A pinch of White/black pepper
• 1 Table spoon Fresh lemon juice
• Salt to taste
• 2 Tablespoons Self raising flour
• Pinch of baking powder
1. Take the salmon fillet from its packaging and with a sharp knife remove the skin from the flesh.
2. Cut the salmon into small –to medium stripes/slices.
3. Squeeze lemon juice unto the salmon stripes/slices.
4. Use half of the oxo cubes on the salmon and allow to marinade for about five minute.
5. Pour the flour into the mixing bowl, add the black pepper, salt, baking podwer and Chinese five spices.
6. Crack the egg into a separate bowl to be sure it is fresh and void of any shell particles when cracking.
7. Pour the egg and the milk into the seasoned flour and with a whisk, whisk it into a smooth paste (frying butter).
8. Put the cooking oil on fire and allow to heat up till moderate.
9. Dip the salmon stripes into the frying butter individually, ensuring that they are fully covered /coated with the butter and then put into the oil to fry.
10. Continue till enough stripes are in the pan.
11. Fry till golden brown, and repeat till all done.
12. Take them out of the oil when done into a strainer to remove any excess oil.
13. Serve with assorted tit bits.



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