How to Prepare Cup Cakes


• 2 fresh eggs
• 2 ounces of self- raising flour
• 2 ounces Castor sugar
• 2 ounces margarine
• ½ teaspoon powdered cinnamon
• ½ teaspoon baking powder


1. Measure the margarine and sugar into a mixing bowl and whisk till very smooth and fluffy.
2. Measure the flour, add the cinnamon powder, and baking powder and sieve through a fine strainer.
3. Crack your eggs into a bowl
4. Set the oven on gas mark 5/ 375*F/ 190*C in order to preheat.
5. Add the first yoke to the margarine and sugar cream, and mix in, add the other yoke and mix in as well.
6. Now add the egg white, and mix/ whisk.
7. Add the flour, a bit at a time, to the margarine mixture, and fold in gently till all done.
8. Arrange the cups on the tray, and scoop about a tablespoonful of the cake mixture into each cup, careful not to overfill the cups, as the cake will over flour when baked.
9. Put the cupcakes into the oven for about 15-20 minutes.
10. Check and remove from oven and allow to cool.
11. Serve with your chilled drinks as afters or snack.



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